About the Podcast

My vision is to ask poignant, relevant questions to current and recently graduated MBAs from around the world in order to:

  • Help prospective students decide whether to pursue an MBA, and if so, which school;

  • Give current students perspective on how their MBA experience compares to others;

  • Allow MBA graduates an avenue to continue to learn from others from other schools;

  • Help business schools understand their competitive advantage over others;

  • Share with the online community some key lessons from MBAs all over the world;

...all whilst learning and having fun along the journey!

About the Creator

I'm a recent part-time MBA graduate from Melbourne Business School (MBS) in Australia. During my studies, I met many inspiring and insightful people, some coming into MBS (local and exchange students), and others whilst on exchange in Darden School of Business in the US. 

I now realise that despite everyone graduating with the same three letters after their name, there is a big difference in the education across business schools. Not only that, different people can have wildly different experiences at the same school. I want to capture some of that diversity through other people's stories. 


Darren Lau